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Playing Air war 3D invasion

Do you like to play 3D flying games? Did you like the last 3D flying game we posted, Air War 3D Modern? Well this is Air War 3D Invasion and this time round instead of a more relaxed game play experience it takes you right into the heat of battle amidst a chaotic modern dog fight amongst aliens! Aliens clones are trying to take over in their space ships so its on you and your squad battalion to take them all down. Do you think you have the balls and the skills to destroy them all without getting shot, blown up and destroyed yourself? Air War 3D Invasion 3D flying simulator will put your reflex times and dog fighting skills to the test. How big a score can you get and how many enemies can you take down before they kill you? To fly and steer use the mouse or A/D to bank left/right. Fire with left mouse key and cycle through weapons with R key.

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Air war 3D invasion

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